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Report shared by Prof. DUAN Qingyun

TIME:03:00 PM
ADDRESS:Meeting Room 619 of ITP office building, 4A Rd. Datun, Beijing
EVENT:Invited by DAM Prof. YANG Kun, Prof. Duan who is from the College of Global Change and Earth System Science, Beijing Normal University, is visiting ITP this Friday. He mainly works on Hydrology, Hydrological modeling and calibration, soil/vegetation/atmosphere interactions, climate change impacts on water resources, statistical methods for risk and uncertainty analyses.

Specific academic achievements:
(1) Development of Bayesian statistical techniques for assessing uncertainty of dynamic models
(2) Leading the international Model Parameter Estimation Experiment
(3) Development of North American Land Data Assimilation System
(4) Investigation of the impacts of climate change on water resources

Topic of this report:
Quantification of Parametric Uncertainty of Land Surface Models

The performance of a land surface model (LSM) is highly dependent on the specification of its model parameters. Yet high dimensionality and nonlinear interaction of model parameters present severe challenges in parameter estimation. In this study, we investigate various statistical methods to examine the relative sensitivities of forty adjustable parameters that control the simulation of various water and energy fluxes over the land surface in the Common Land Model (CoLM). We further employ response surface techniques to obtain a quantitative estimate of the relative importance of the parameters. On the basis of these findings, we apply various optimization techniques to identify the optimal model parameters that allow us to simulate various water and energy fluxes accurately.

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