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Science magazine reported our team’s published research results on the warming over the Tibetan Plateau in the section of News Focus on 2 Dec. 2011. It stated that "China’s glacier scientists hope to get a better understanding of climate variability at high altitudes. One mystery involves temperature readings. After comparing satellite data for the Tibetan Plateau spanning 6 years against Chinese Meteorological Administration readings for the same period, meteorologist Jun Qin noticed that the rate of warming is amplified at high elevations. For stations located at 1000 to 3000 meters, Qin calculated a rate of warming of about 1°C per decade. For stations at 3000 to 5000 meters, the rate of warming was double that. (Amplified rates of warming have also been observed in the Alps and the Andes.) Above 5000 meters, though, satellite temperature readings suggest that the rate of warming remains constant or even diminishes. Qin now hopes to pinpoint a cause for the discrepancy."The web link for this news is The information on this work can be found in our article "Qin, J., K. Yang, S. Liang, X. Guo, 2009: The altitudinal dependence of recent rapid warming over the Tibetan Plateau, Climatic Change, 97: 321~327."

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