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New Publication: Spatial upscaling of in-situ soil moisture measurements based on MODIS-derived apparent thermal inertia


AUTHORS: Qin, J., K. Yang, N. Lu, Y. Chen, L. Zhao, and M. Han

J. INFO: 2013, Remote Sens. Environ., 138, 1-9, doi:10.1016/j.rse.2013.07.003.

An original soil moisture upscaling algorithm has been developed by introducing MODIS-derived apparent thermal inertia (ATI). First, a functional relationship between the station-averaged soil moisture and the pixel-averaged ATI is constructed. Second, this relationship is used to calculate the representative soil moisture time series at a certain spatial scale. Last, the Bayesian linear regression is applied to obtain the upscaled area-averaged soil moisture by using in-situ measurements as independent variables. The algorithm is evaluated using a network of in-situ moisture sensors in the central Tibetan Plateau. The results are greatly encouraging.

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