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New Publication: Response of inland lake dynamics over the Tibetan Plateau to climate change


AUTHORS: Lei, Y., K. Yang, B. Wang, Y. Sheng, B.W. Bird, G. Zhang, and L. Tian

J. INFO: 2014, Clim. Change, 125(2), 281-290, doi:10.1007/s10584-014-1175-3.

We demonstrate that a coherent lake growth on the TP interior (TPI) and a lake shrinkage in southern TP have occurred since the late 1990s. The major cause is that precipitation increased over TPI and decreased over southern TP, although the expansion of some lakes was significantly impacted by accelerated glacier melting. The lake change is a response to significant changes in large-scale atmospheric circulation (e.g. the intensified Northern Hemisphere summer monsoon (NHSM) and the poleward shift of the Eastern Asian westerlies jet stream).

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