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"Yadong-Lhasa cross-section GPS network" accomplished in 2015


"Yadong-Lhasa cross-section GPS network" was set up in South Tibetan Plateau during June, 2015. The network consists of five new stations (located in Yadong county, Kangma county, Jiangzi county, Langkazi county) and an international standard GPS station in Lhasa (Figure 1). To facilitate the estimate of dry and wet delays of GPS signals, an atmospheric boundary-layer tower was set up in Duina, Yadong county. This network will provide accurate atmospheric precipitable water and land surface movement data along Yadong-Lhasa section to support monsoonal water vapor transport and geophysical research.

This network was constructed by the cooperative efforts of three groups led by Profs. Yang Kun, He Jiankun and Ma Yaoming.

Figure 1. Yadong-Lhasa cross-section GPS network" and Yadong Boundary Meterological Observation System

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