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A new soil moisture and temperature monitoring network accomplished in South Tibetan Plateau recently


A new soil moisture/temperature monitoring network was set up by Dr. Yingying Chen with DAM members. The network is located in Pali town of Yadong county, South Tibetan Plateau (Figure 1). It covers about a 50km×25km area and contains 21 sets of sites. At each site, soil profile samples were collected for further analyses. Annual precipitation amount in this area is about 450 mm. Due to complex terrain around the area, the soil moisture is highly heterogeneous in space. The network may provide observed soil moisture and temperature data at GCM (Global Climate Model) grid-scale and passive microwave pixel-scale. These data are a basis for validations of soil moisture estimates, process studies of soil-atmosphere interactions as well as algorithm developments of land hydrology for the semi-arid region of South Tibetan Plateau.

Figure 1."Pali, Yadong soil moisture and temperature monitoring network

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