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New Publication: Detecting Long-Term Trends in Precipitable Water over the Tibetan Plateau by Synthesis of Station and MODIS Observations


AUTHORS: Lu, N., K.E. Trenberth, J. Qin, K. Yang, and L. Yao

J. INFO: 2015, J. Climate, 28(4), 1707-1722, doi:10.1175/JCLI-D-14-00303.1.

The monthly-mean precipitable water (PW) from MODIS and 63 stations over the Tibetan Plateau (TP) are used to constructed a Bayesian estimation model, and the model is used to estimate continuous monthly-mean PW for 1970–2011. The constructed data shows a significant increasing trend in annual PW for the TP during the 42 years and the most significant increase occurred for 1986–99.

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