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New Publication: Parameterizing soil organic carbon's impacts on soil porosity and thermal parameters for Eastern Tibet grasslands


AUTHORS: Chen, Y., K. Yang, W. Tang, J. Qin, and L. Zhao

J. INFO: 2012, Sci. China Ser. D, 55(6), 1001-1011, doi:10.1007/s11430-012-4433-0.

This study investigates the stratification of soil thermal properties induced by soil organic carbon (SOC) and its impacts on the parameterization of the thermal properties. Measured data indicate that the topsoils of alpine grasslands contain high SOC contents than underlying soil layers, which leads to higher soil porosity values and lower thermal conductivity and bulk density values in the topsoils. A new parameterization is developed to take the impacts of SOC into account. The new one can well estimate the soil thermal conductivity values in both low and high SOC content cases. The measured data can be provided upon request.

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