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Naqu soil moisture/temperature monitoring network was accomplished in 2012


Led by Associate Professor Jun Qin, our center members have finished instrument installation and maintenance work within a soil moisture/temperature monitoring network over Naqu, Central Tibetan Plateau, during June 13 ~ 20, 2012. Meanwhile, soil profile samples were collected at each site. This campaign is the fourth one since the first one initiated in July 2010. The network now covers about a 100km×100km area and contains 57 sets of sites in total (see Figure 1, in which the green dots denote the new sites). The network may provide three scales of observations, i.e., the GCM (Global Climate Model) grid, the passive microwave pixel scale, and the active microwave pixel scale. So far, the network has accumulated nearly 2 years of first-hand data. These data provide a basis for not only validations of soil moisture estimates but also process studies of soil-atmosphere interactions as well as algorithm developments of land hydrology over the Tibetan Plateau.

Figure 1. distribution of the sites

Figure 2. vertical distribution of the sensors

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