Surface flux parameterization for bare soil surface heat transfer


Surface flux parameterization uses surface temperature, air temperature, wind speed, and surface aerodynamic roughness length to estimate surface momentum flux and heat flux. This program is based on a series of works by the authors:


(1)    Yang JAM 2001: developed the analytical solution of the Monin-Obkhov Similarity Theory (MOST). The analytical solution is applicable even though z0m (aerodynamic roughness length) is not equal to z0h (thermal roughness length). The solution was later modified so that it is also applicable for cases that the reference height for wind is different from the one for air temperature.

(2)    Yang QJRMS 2002: developed a relationship between z0m and z0h, based on data at several Tibetan stations.

(3)    Yang JAMC 2008: Systematically analyzed the characteristics of heat transfer over bare soil surfaces. A mis-definition of potential temperature in Yang QJRMS 2002 was corrected, so that relationship between z0m and z0h is widely applicable.


The package contains code for both surface flux parameterization and profile flux parameterization. The program has been widely used, and two successful applications of the program are presented in Chen et al. (2010, J. Hydrometeor, 11, 995-1006) and Chen et al. (2011, JGR, doi:10.1029/2011JD015921).

The users of the program can copy and use this program freely, without seeking authors' permission. The authors request all users make appropriate references to the use of this program. The authors disclaim any responsibility resulting from use of this program.



(1)    Yang, K., T. Koike, H. Ishikawa et al., 2008: Turbulent Flux Transfer over Bare-Soil Surfaces: Characteristics and Parameterization, Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 40, 276-290.

(2)    Yang, K., T. Koike, H. Fujii, K. Tamagawa, and N. Hirose, 2002: Improvement of surface flux parametrizations with a turbulence-related length, Q. J. R. Meteor. Soc, 128, 2073-2087.

(3)    Yang, K., Tamai, N. and Koike, T., 2001: Analytical Solution of Surface Layer Similarity Equations, J. Appl. Meteorol. 40, 1647-1653.


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