Hybrid model – a general solar radiation model


This package contains the source code of a general solar radiation model. The input data are: sunshine duration, air temperature and specific humidity. The output is: global (diffuse + direct) solar radiation for clear-sky, hourly-mean, daily, and monthly mean daily radiation, respectively, depending on the temporal resolution of input data.

The model has world-wide applications by other scientist and was evaluated as one of the best. You may find references for model evaluations and applications in the package.


There are four programs, and each has an example to show how to apply the model:

(1)    Clear-sky model: artificial data were used.

(2)    Hourly model: data collected at Saudi Arabia/ Solar village were used as an example

(3)    Daily model: data collected at China/Lhasa were used as an example.

(4)    Monthly model: data collected at USA/El Paso were used as an example


The users of the program can copy and use this program freely, without seeking authors' permission. The authors request all users make appropriate references to the use of this program. The authors disclaim any responsibility resulting from use of this program.



(1)      Yang, K., G-W. Huang, N. Tamai, 2001: A Hybrid Model for Estimating Global Solar Radiation, Solar Energy 70, 13-22.

(2)      Yang, K., T. Koike, B. Ye, 2006: Improving estimation of hourly, daily, and monthly solar radiation by importing global data sets, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 137, 43-55.

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