Ongoing topics

Since 2009, the DAM research team implemented several field experiments on the Plateau, including turbulent flux and radiation measurements on the Parlung No. 4 Glacier of southeastern Tibet, turbulent flux measurements at ITP Ali station on western Tibetan dryland, and a mesoscale soil moisture and temperature monitoring network that consists of 52 sites in central Tibet.

Ongoing research is dedicated to the following topics:

1. Develop a land surface model and a land-atmosphere coupled model for the cryosphere. The basis to realize this objective is remote sensing of surface parameters (surface radiation budget, soil moisture) and laboratory and field experiments. We expect these activities will improve hydrological and weather/climate prediction for the Plateau and its surrounding regions.

2. Improve regional hydro-meteorological modeling by introduce satellite data into models. An advanced land system to assimilate multi-sources satellite data is being developed so that high-accuracy land fluxes and soil moisture can be derived, with the support of high-density measuring network of soil moisture and soil temperature that has been established in central Tibet.

3. Integrated studies on the Tibetan Plateau climatic change. The trends and variability of individual meteorological parameters have been investigated. This group is going to establish a complete physical picture of the whole climatic changes on the Tibetan Plateau.